Mutual support and social partnership for the sake of mental health


The association "Public Initiative on Psychiatry" was founded on November 13 and registered on December 31, 1996.


Its founders were psychiatrists and nurses who worked in the National Mental Health Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Nowadays association unites professionals and the most active  users of psychiatric care.


The President of the association - Psychiatrist, MD, Professor Vladimir Rotstein.

Board members: psychiatrist, MD., Ph.D. Marianna Bogdan

                            psychiatrist, MD, Ph.D. Sergey Dolgov

                            engineer Nadezhda Kutinova

Contacts: Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 912 6808


                Postal address: 109029 Srednyaja Kalitnikovskaya sreet 29, Moscow, Russia


Policy of the Association is to carry out projects that bring obvious benefits to specific groups of people. Our main activities are

*      educational programs for patients and their families;  

*      overcoming  stigma and self-stigmatization of patients;

*      stimulation of social movement in a field of mental health.


Since 2000, our association is the full member of GAMIAN-Europe (Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Network).


Our main projects:

*      Edition of the informational newsletter "Katerina", started in 2000 and continuing to the present (all issues of "Katerina" in Russian are available HERE).

*      Organisation and supervision of self-help groups  (the first group was founded in 1999).

*      School of self-help groups leaders. The project started in December 2001 and completed in February 2004 The project was implemented in partnership with GAMIAN-Europe with the support of the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in the framework of "Partnership in Health and Social Care Partnership" (HSCP). Its aim was to provide the necessary knowledge to people wishing to organize their own self-help group. For two years, six cycles of three-month sessions were provided with about 40 people trained. Many of them run their groups now. Our “students” have gained knowledge both in psychiatry and on the group management . In the latter our British partners really helped us a lot with their rich experience. Sixteen students attended seminars in Oxford, where they participated in an extremely useful training (in September 2002 and June 2003).

*      Psychoeducation step by step. The project started in January 2005. Step 1: The organisation of three-month educational cycles. Throughout the year, three such cycles were provided, involving approximately 30 patients. Step 2: in 2006-2007 our courses joined mental patients’ family members. It became obvious that psychoeducation for patients’ relatives was crucial, perhaps even more than for the patients themselves. According to the personal stories of the listeners, due to the new knowledge it became easier for them to find common language not only with their ill family members, but also with their psychiatrists. As a result, according to the common opinion their quality of life improved significantly. Step 3: thanks to the collaboration with the charity foundation "The Quality of Life" in 2007-2009  educational programs were started in the majority of Moscow psychiatric institutions. In advance our association provided educational trainings for future teachers (both professionals and the most active users of mental health care). The textbook "Basics of psychoeducation” (full text in Russian is available HERE) has been written and published.  in 2010 due to the efforts of "Quality of Life" foundation courses of psychoeducation started in a few regions of Russia.

*      In 2010, with the support of AIMHP (Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes, President Professor Norman Sartorius) a brochure entitled " "Mental Disorders: Informational Emergency" has been written and published Text in Russian is available HERE.